Oolagah Lake – Metal Storage Build


Title: Oolagah Lake –Metal Storage Build
Client: USACE |Tulsa, Oklahoma
Location: Oolagah Lake Office l Oolagah, OK 74053
Contract Amount: $51,323.10
Status: Competed 12/10/2016


W4 Construction Group was responsible for furnishing the materials, equipment and labor to install a pre-engineered covered metal storage facility at the Oolagah Lake Office located in Rogers County, Oklahoma. The project included determining the exact foundation footing requirements to be in accordance with all local county building codes for a building of this dimension. W4 also furnished and installed all guttering, to include downspouts and formed concrete splash pads, along the rear edge of the building. Testing was performed at the completion of the project to ensure that there was not leakage from the guttering. Snow guards were also installed on the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. All of the work was accomplished in a safe, workmanlike manner and in accordance with the Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements.