Repair & Renovate DOD building at Fort Meade


Title: Repair & Renovate DOD building at Fort Meade
Client: USACE Baltimore
Location: Fort Meade, MD
Contract Value: $1,340,000
Status: Completed 5/12/2017


W4 Construction Group is furnishing all the labor, transportation, supervision, material, and equipment to renovate the DOD Adjudications Building 600 at Fort Meade. Specifically, W4 is repairing and repainting the hallways on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors, and in the break room. We also will replace all of the interior signs in the building. We repaired and repainted the railing in the central stairwell. In the restrooms, W4 will remove and replace the tile and grout floors and install drain clean outs under the sinks. We will also remove, replace and reconfigure 6 showers. W4 constructed a new conference room suite and replaced the carpet tiles in the 2nd and 3rd floor hallways. The job also included replacing insulation on the attic ducts. W4 will also be sealing the asphalt in the parking area and installing parking line stripping, paint and arrows on the roadways surrounding building 600.