Swanton Order to Repair Flight Concrete


Title: Swanton Order to Repair Flight Concrete
Client: Air Force | Swanton, OH
Location: FA 6355l 180 FW Contracting Office l 2660 S. Eber Rd l Swanton, OH
Contract Value: $98,499
Status: Completed 11/30/2016


W4 Construction Group furnished all the labor, transportation, supervision, material, and equipment to repair and replace the concrete on the taxi ways of the airport flightline. W4 completed the project in phases so that the airport could remain open until the project was finished. We used high early strength concrete in order to speed up the curing time of the concrete to minimize the amount of time the airfield was impacted by the construction. All of the work was accomplished in a safe, workmanlike manner and in accordance with Safety and Health Requirements.